The products from the Scribolino line are the ideal tools for learning to write. The propelling pencil with sprung lead is perfect for practising writing for the first time. The Scribolino rollerball pen has a ball nib that guarantees smooth writing and is a good alternative to the fountain pen. The fountain pen is equipped with a stable nib and iridium ball tip and is perfect for expert writers.
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Faber-Castell - Stylo-plume éducatif droitier noir
Stylo-plume éducatif droitier noir
CHF 18.20
Faber-Castell - Stylo-plume éducatif gaucher noir
Stylo-plume éducatif gaucher noir
CHF 18.20
Faber-Castell - Fresh school fountain pen, black
Fresh school fountain pen, black
CHF 11.00